Nordic Nut Milk

In most raw food recipes found in cooking books and on the internet almond milk is applied in stead of cow milk. Don’t get me wrong, I love almond milk, and drink it often. However, living in Scandinavia, I try to reduce my consumption of nuts that can not be crown in my local environment. […]

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Raw Chocolate Mousse

For this awesome chocolate mousse maple syrup is the secret ingredient that makes it taste really good. Other syrups may work fine, but the taste just get very sophisticated using the maple syrup. Further, I use the chocolate powder from Valrhona. 4 ripe and fine avocados, 3-4 spoon of cacao powder, 3-4 spoon of Marple […]

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Jerusalem artichoke salad

This is THE salad with raw Jerusalem artichoke. When raw the Jerusalem artichoke has a mild taste of nuts. The best way to add them to salads is by slicing them thinly. They combine really perfectly with apples, fresh spinach, hazel nuts and lemon. I would advice you to try to find your own ratio […]

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Homemade Marzipan

Making your own marzipan for Christmas is actually really easy and making it raw is no problem. 2 dl paranuts, macadamia nuts, or almond without skin, 1-2 spoon of heather honey,  ca. 1 spoon of lemon juice (obsitional) and nuts for decoration such as walnuts, hazelnuts or paranuts. You will need some suitable nuts. Normally marzipan […]

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Blackcurrant Smoothie

For most frozen berries, something is needed as a sweetener, when used in smoothies. For blackcurrant I think banana is an excellent choice. Banana and blackcurrant goes very well together, for two small or one large cup use 2 dl. frozen blackcurrant, 2 (small) banana, 1 teaspoon honey (optional) and 2 dl. water Add all […]

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Luxury Pumpkin Juice

I feel very attracted to the large pumpkins that becomes available in October. However, it is a challenge to find ways to eat them raw. Not only are they not that tasty but there can be several kilo in just one pumpkin. However, I have managed to developed this luxury pumpkin juice which is really […]

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