About me

My name is Dorte Lerche. I was born in 1970 and live in Copenhagen in Denmark.

I love raw food and the feeling I get when I eat it. I often invent new raw food recipes that I would like to share with other people, who like raw food or people who just like to try it. So if you follow one of my recipes, I would love to hear about your experience.

Raw Food comes from the sunny states and the major cities of the US. Here ingredients like avocado, mango, dates, etc. are available. These ingredients can be found in shops in Nordic countries, but they are not fresh like in more southern countries. Thus, I aim at developing raw food recipes that include Nordic ingredients like hazelnuts, redcurrant and celeriac. It is not always easy to only use local ingredients, but I substitute as much as possible.

In December 2016 I was diagnosed with Rosacea. My face was red and I felt a burning sensation, which was very disturbing. I felt ashamed and was desperate to make it go away. My medical doctor told me that there was no cure for Rosacea. I could try to keep it down by following a list of advices or I could get a creme with adrenocortical hormone. I don’t like adrenocortical hormone so I looked at the list of factors that could provoke a rosacea attack; Sun, cold wind, hot drinks, coffee, tea, diary products, hot food, spicy food, citrus fruits like lemon and orange, alcohol, stress, menopause and hard exercise. My first thought was, this is almost RAW FOOD. And since I love cooking I decided to try it and I went all in. And what a surprise. The rosacea fully disappeared within two weeks and I felt absolutely perfect. I did not manage to convert 100%. I think I went 60-80% raw, but that was sufficient to make a difference.

In my opinion no-one should heedlessly follow a recipe in every details when they cook. Fresh ingredients are newer the same, they depend on the amount of sun and rain, that vary from year to year. In stead I urge you to get a feeling of the ideas behind the recipes I present. Try to understand the combinations of tastes and the texture of the ingredients.

I have a bachelor degree in biochemistry, a master in environmental chemistry and a Ph.D. on regulation of chemicals. Thus I consider myself capable of understand the chemistry, when researcher claim that a particular food is healthy due to a specific ingredient. However, my professional background have thought me that it is seldom that simple. In our bodies every minute millions of chemical reactions takes place and zooming in on one single reaction or chemical (even if it is a vitamin) may to my best knowledge only be advisable if this particular reaction is truly out of balance. Thus, I do not highlight any particular ingredient in any type of food. In stead I urge you to eat a balanced diet based on fresh (not processed), tasty and good looking ingredients. I am convinced nature will take care of the rest.