Homemade Marzipan

Making your own marzipan for Christmas is actually really easy and making it raw is no problem.


2 dl paranuts, macadamia nuts, or almond without skin, 1-2 spoon of heather honey,  ca. 1 spoon of lemon juice (obsitional) and nuts for decoration such as walnuts, hazelnuts or paranuts.

You will need some suitable nuts. Normally marzipan is made with almonds and they are fine. But you may also with great success use macadamia nuts or paranuts. When you remove the skin you do not need to use hot water. Just leave the nuts in cold water for 15 min. Then remove the water add som new cold water and leave again for 15 min. Then the skin can be removed.

Run the nuts in a food processor. If you like crunchy marzipan do it shortly. When it comes to marzipan I like it fine and always run the untill the nuts is like flower. Then add the honey. Here any type of suger may do but for me the heather honey is absolutely perfect. If you like the taste to be fresh ad a little squesse of lemon.

SAMSUNG CSCI serve it as a derset together with a  glass of Old Portwine or Austrian Icewine. Christmas luxury 🙂




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