Juiced gazpacho

An obvious choice for a raw food soup is Gazpacho, the Spanish cold soup made on tomatoes. Many chewy and chunky versions of Gazpacho can be found on the internet with chopped vegetables as garnish. They are fine. However, I prefer this smooth version made on a vegetable juicer.

In Scandinavia we can grow tomatoes, red bell pepper and cucumber in the window sill, or we can buy local versions grown in greenhouses.

For 3 servings use:

Ca. 400 g tomatoes, ca. ½ cucumber, ca. 1 red bell pepper, 1 slice of onion, 1 slice of garlic and olive oil, salt and pepper for garnish.

Clean all the vegetables and put them into a vegetable juicer. Poor the soup into individual balls. Garnish with salt, coarse grinned pepper and a good olive oil. Also note that you do not have to add any additional water.

Don’t get temped to serve a bigger portion. This soup taste really good as a first course or an appetizer. When I first made this dish I got so excited I ate three portions.. at the end of the third portion, I was somewhat less excited.. I served a single portion for my family, who also fell in love with this fresh raw food juiced version of Gazpacho.

If you like a more spicy version ad more garlic and onion, but be careful, when you make raw food the strong taste of garlic and onion easily becomes very strong. It is also possible to add a small piece of chili, if you like it. I also made it with pickled onion, which I simple added to the vegetable juicer.

The most critical ingredient in the soup is the olive oil. The better the olive oil you have, the better taste this soup will get. I use olive oil from Bio Planete, an oil mill company located in the South of France. They produce the best olive oil I ever tasted. Read more and get inspired on their home page www.bioplanete.com. They even have a test you can do in order to see which type of olive oil you fancy. If your local  shop to not have any oil from Bioplanete, you can try amazom.com

Tomatos from our own plants

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