Raw Food in Ystad

Mid August 2017 my son and I went to Ystad. Ystad is located in the south of Sweden, where you can catch the boat to the island, Bornholm or Swinoujscie in Poland. Looking for some raw food lunch we found two places on the internet that we wanted to check out.

A little east of Ystad we found “Kabusa Gaarbutik”. Here there was no ready made food only the sweetest little shop. When we arrived it did not look much like a farmers market, but when we got closer we could see a door, that indicated the entrance to the shop. We got in and I almost felt sorry buying their vegetables. The way the vegetables was arranged, showed so much love and care. However, we bought as much as we could for the cash we had, since they did not accept credit card; carrots, cucumbers and green pepper. Afterwards, I wished I had taken a photo of this gorgeous sweet little shop.

Fra mobiltelefonen 239

Then we went into Ystad to a café called, Helsa på Cafe. It’s located in the courtyard of a very old house at the walking street of Ystad. In the house there is also a tattoo shop and a vintage store. We ordered the plate of the day (summer plate), which was a fully vegan and two raw food cakes. The so-called “vacume cleaner” and the strawberry cake. The vacume cleaner is according to the chef top of the pop in their raw food cake collection.

It is not that the food was particularly good. However, there was something about the place that made us feel good and relaxed. There is art all over and the decoration is very colourful.

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