Raw Choco Balls

The other day, one of my colleagues told me that he is helping his daughter with her kids, his grandchildren. He loves being a grandparent, spoiling the kids with cakes and presents, when the parents are not around. However, things recently got complicated when they found out that one of the kids had gluten allergy. I told him that my recipe on Raw Choco Balls might just be what he needs 🙂 .. Normally it is made with almonds, but here I used hazel nuts which are just as good. Almost any nuts works in this recipe. I think this raw food cake recipe is one of the most easy ones:

2 dl Medjoul dates, 2 dl hazel nuts and ½-1 spoon cocoa powder.

Cut the dates in smaller peaces and add all ingredients into a food processor. Let it run until the nuts are cut into smaller peaces, but not too small. It is also possible to add the nuts first and then the dates and the cocoa powder. Then the nuts will be in smaller pieces and the choco balls will be more like truffles.

Then use baking paper or a very clean table and knead the dough till it becomes smooth. Then roll the balls in the size you like. I normally make them 2 – 3 cm in diameter.

The only thing about the raw cocoa balls to be careful about is the ingredients. The dates have to be Medjoul dates. I have included a photo to help you see the difference. I tried it out with other types of dates. The result is ok, but with the Medjoul dates it is just much more delicious. The other thing is the cocoa powder. I normally spoil myself and buy Valrhona Cocoa powder, which is very tasty. The Valrhona Cocoa powder is not raw food, but sometimes taste is also important :-). Not all supermarket have Valrhona Cocoa powder, if your local supermarket don’t have it you can try amazom.com.

Medjol Dates

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