Redcurrant Smoothie

Redcurrant berries can be found in many old gardens in the Nordic countries. The classic use was for Redcurrant jelly. I never really liked the jelly and the berries themselves are very sour. So when I discovered this smoothie I was really surprised that the redcurrants could taste so sweet and refreshing:

1 – 2 dl fresh or frozen redcurrant berries, 1 dl cashew nuts, 1 -2 spoon of honey and ca. 3 dl cold water

Add all the ingredients in a blender and leave it to blend the ingredients for ca. 3 times 2 min. If you do not like the small stones in the redcurrant berry then use a sieve or blend it for a longer period. Adjust the thickness with water if needed. Add ice if you use fresh berries.

Redcurrant smoothie

Most countries have some irresistible honey producers.. I know because I always come home from vacation with my suitcase full of honey :-).  Here I like to recommend Honning Specialisten in Denmark. If you click the link you will get to their homepage. The honey is a little hard, but is has not been heated and the bees have not been treated with any veterinary medicaments. I leave the honey in the frigde until I open it, then I store it outside to keep it soft for use. The honey has different taste depending on the flowers growing next to the hive. I have tried two different ones so far and I am definitely going to try some more 🙂


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