Visit to Lars Mikkelsen in Skævinge

2017 Sunday September 10, I visited Lars Mikkelsens Kitchen Garden in Skævinge together with 26 others including my sister. Every year in September Lars offers the possibility to see his biodynamic kitchen garden and this year was no exemption.

The day started with a short meditation. Then Lars told about his interest in biodynamic gardening and the main principles, the calender, the composting, the special products, the seeds, storage of the vegetables and the crystal structure of the biodynamically grown vegetables.

Havedag 04


Then we had lunch. Everyone was asked to bring something for the buffet and tea made on lemon balm from the garden was served with the food.

After lunch we went out walking in the kitchen garden which is actually an old march or bog area. However, many years of composting created raised beds with a thick layer of mulch, where the vegetables and fruit plant are thriving. The vegetables were big. I was surprised and impressed.

Havedag 05

If you have the chance, I can only recommend that you sign up for Lars’ garden day next year.

A couples of days later my sister called me to thank me for making her participate. I was a little nervous if she liked it because she had to drive for more than an hour and pay highway toll to get there. But she had truly enjoyed the day and felt fulfilled afterwards 🙂

Havedag 01

So far the visits are for free and the participants only have to bring food and seeds for sharing with the other participants.

Lars is chair of the biodynamic consumerorganisation in Denmark and has for decades been a scholar of Rudolf Steiner. Here is a link to the facebook of Biodynamic Consumers and a link to their homepage.


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