Carrot Juice

In the beginning I was kind of against juices because I thought that it was a pity to remove all the fibres in the vegetables. Also my skin reacted with small red spots on pure fruit juices, like orange juice and apple juice and my blood sugar had a tendency to become unstable. So I went to juice bars and it stead of drinking juice, I noted the combination of fruits and vegetables they had developed and translated it into salads. In that way I discovered some really nice combinations of fruits and vegetables.

However, later, when I tried to eat as much raw food as possible, I started to need some variation from salads. And when I got an old juicer from a friend, I started to make juices. The trick for me was to make juices using as much vegetables as possible and just ad a little fruit for the taste and never as the main ingredient.

Here is a really classic juice made of carrots and apples. It always surprises me how delicious it is.

1 kg carrots, 1 – 2 apples and a slice of lemon (optional)

Clean the carrots and the apples and juice them in a juicer. You don’t have to peal them or remove the core or the seeds. Just remove black or bad spots. After juicing store the juice cold until you drink it. If you drink it strait away you can ad a little ice. Normally the juice is best within 24 hours, but it can probably can be stored for longer especially if you ad lemon. Actually, I have never managed to store it that long because I can’t help drinking it 🙂



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