Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

Last night I watched a film called Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead on Netflix. And it was very inspiring to me. Fun, informal and informative. It is about this obese Australian guy, Joe, who has a skin disease, something like nettle rash or urtecaria, which apparently is very rare. To live with it he is heavily medicated. He decides to just drink vegetable juice for 60 days and after that adopt to a healthy life style eating less processed food and meat. While doing this he hangs around in the US, the first 30 days in NY and the next driving across the country.

The funny thing – and a gift to the movie – is that while driving across the US Joe, who normally is a stock dealer having his own company, runs into a very obese truck driver, Phil. Phil happens to suffer from the same illness and Joe gives him his phone number and promises to help him, if he would like to. A month later when Joe is back in Australia Phil calls and Joe does go back and help him get set up. And then the camera team follows Phil for the rest of the movie.

Both guys loose lots of lots of weights and get off their medication. Many excellent experts are interviewed and some silly cartons try to explain why fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts and beans are healthy.

I felt somehow connected with these people since my skin problems also faded away, when I shifted to a vegetable based diet. And now I am feeling motivated to enlarge the share of vegetables and fruit .. and maybe even do a juice diet for a period 🙂

The whole thing has its own homepage, where you can also see the movie, get recipes and other stuff.

Thank you Joy and Phil 🙂food-stuff-010.jpg

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