Pumpkin from “Grønt og Sager” at CFD in Nyborg on Fyn

CFD is Denmark’s largest centre for deaf people. Last year they opened a new farmers market at their facility, called “Grønt og Sager”, which translates into something like “Greens and Stuff”. My sisters boyfriend work at CFD and for Halloween they brought me this wonderful organic pumpkin.

So now I will have pumpkin for the next 14 days at least 🙂

Lisbeth with pumpkin from CFDs

Besides the gigantic pumpkin, I also got carrot, beet root, kale, leek, onion, potato, walnuts, parsnips. It felt like Christmas. The quality is really good and the size of everything is so big. I am impressed.

The deaf people either living at the centre or go there as their daytime occupation. They run the shop and they do the organic farming. And they are doing a good job 🙂

When driving from Jutland to Copenhagen or from Copenhagen to Jutland you will pass right by. So why not make a stop in Nyborg at CFD and check out their shop? by doing that you will not only get wonderful, fresh and organic ingredients for cooking, but you’ll help an organisation that take care of disabled people.

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