Raw Chocolate Mousse

For this awesome chocolate mousse maple syrup is the secret ingredient that makes it taste really good. Other syrups may work fine, but the taste just get very sophisticated using the maple syrup. Further, I use the chocolate powder from Valrhona. 4 ripe and fine avocados, 3-4 spoon of cacao powder, 3-4 spoon of Marple […]

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Blackcurrant Smoothie

For most frozen berries, something is needed as a sweetener, when used in smoothies. For blackcurrant I think banana is an excellent choice. Banana and blackcurrant goes very well together, for two small or one large cup use 2 dl. frozen blackcurrant, 2 (small) banana, 1 teaspoon honey (optional) and 2 dl. water Add all […]

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