Celeriac salad with apple and cacao-nibs

To me this desert salad is surprisingly tasty. This is a very old Danish countryside desert recipe that my mother taught me, which I have modified into a raw version. The original dish has wiped cream and chocolate in it, which I have replaced with cashew nuts and cacao-nips. If I happen to have some tasty 100 % chocolate, I may as well use that in stead of the cacao-nibs.


You will need:

1 celeriac, 1 lemon, 1 dl. cashew nuts, 100 g raisins, ca. 4 apples and 3 table spoons of cacao-nibs

Tear the celeriac on a grater, squeeze the lemon, and cut the apples into small pieces. Cut the cashew nuts into smaller pieces. Add all the ingredients in a large bowl, mix and serve.

On the picture I grated the apples. However, it is more taste if you only cut the apples in small pieces.

And yes, I called it a dessert salad. Despite the celeriac, the salad i sweet.

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