Raw Chocolate Mousse

For this awesome chocolate mousse maple syrup is the secret ingredient that makes it taste really good. Other syrups may work fine, but the taste just get very sophisticated using the maple syrup. Further, I use the chocolate powder from Valrhona.


4 ripe and fine avocados, 3-4 spoon of cacao powder, 3-4 spoon of Marple syrup and a small crisp of salt.

Add everything to the food processor and mix well till the muss is smooth. Serve in a fine glass and decorate with a lime leave, a raspberry, salt and almonds or something else decorative that goes well with chocolate.

In the Nordic country it is nevertheless difficult do find many ripe avocados at the same time. So this dessert is a rare treat. I ones saw a poster in “Joy and the Juice”, which I found hilarious, saying:

Not jet, not jet, not jet, not jet, not jet, now, to late, kind regards the avocado.

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