Nordic Nut Milk

In most raw food recipes found in cooking books and on the internet almond milk is applied in stead of cow milk. Don’t get me wrong, I love almond milk, and drink it often. However, living in Scandinavia, I try to reduce my consumption of nuts that can not be crown in my local environment. Thus I have developed a nut milk based on Nordic ingredients:

1 dl hazel nuts, ½ dl hemp seeds, ½ dl sunflower seeds and 1 l water

Add the ingredients into the blender and let it run at least 3 times 2 min. The longer you blend the milk the better it gets. You can drink the milk without filtering it. However, I must admit that if you filter it, it becomes very smooth and much more comfortable to drink.

Use a bowl and put a salad strain (or another strain with large wholes) inside the bowl, then cover it with a wet peace of textile. Sometime I use an extra fine strain on top to remove the larger pieces in order not to clog the textile. Then leave the milk to filter. When only the think part is left, lift the textile up and squeeze the last milk out of the remains.

The nut milk can be used in iced matcha or in chaipudding, which are my favorites. Also when I come hungry home from work and I some Nut Milk or Almond Milk in the fridge, I drink a glass or two to stabilizes my craving for sweets.

Nordic Nut Milk


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