Green Salad with Asparagus and Peas

This time of the year fresh peas and asparagus can be found in the stores. To me this indicate spring. I first tasted this salad at a barbecue party – before I went into raw food – we were sitting there and the smell of grilled meat was so appealing. But then the salad was served. The taste of it simply seduced me and I forgot about beef and sausages. The following days I could not stop thinking about that salad and I had to go back and ask for the recipe.

Here I added some almonds to make it more balanced when eaten as a meal in itself.

A handful of mixed green leafs, one avocado, ca. 10 asparagus, ca. 10 peas, and a small handful of almonds.

Wash the green leafs and arrange them on a plate or in a bowl depending on how much salad you plan to make. Peal the avocado, slice it and arrange it on top of the leafs. Wash the asparagus and remove the lover part by holding at the top and the bottom and moving your hands towards each other until the asparagus breaks. Cut the upper part of the asparagus as thinly as you can.  Remove the peas from the pod, chop the almonds and add asparagus, peas and almonds to the salad.

If you are into dressing, a mustard dressing may go well. For this use olive oil, lemon juice, coarse mustard and salt and pepper.

There are no asparagus in the photo .. I am sorry about that 🙂


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