Soul Kitchen in Sofia

Bulgaria is not exactly a Nordic country, however being a tourist in Sofia I wanted to see if I could find a dedicated Raw Food restaurant. Other bloggers had written enthusiastically about Soul Kitchen and the pictures on their home page looked fantastic so I decided to try it (

I arrived at the restaurant full of expectation and asked the waiter for the best raw food they had. However, he did not know which foods on the menu that were raw. Also, he could not recommend anything because as he said, “I do not know your taste”. As starters normally are the most delicious things you can order, I ordered the most expensive starter, which said something about raw pickles.

However, I did not like it and it was not raw. The bread was dry, the beans so so and the pickles were not tasty.


Then I ordered green juice and a cashew nut soup, which they promised would be raw.

It was OK, but so far nothing like the pictures on their home page. I was starting to get full, but I really hoped to taste something nice. I decided to go for a salad and had a beetroot salad with avocado (even though the beetroot was cooked). Finally, I had something a little nice. But all in all I was disappointed and did not feel inspired.

Despite all their efforts and this being a vegan restaurant I can not recommend this place. On my way home I got a terrible stomach ache…  piv!

The locals already eats lots of nice Mediterranean salads full of fresh vegetables, which you can get in most restaurants. If I go to Sofia again, I will just stick to that 🙂


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