Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

Last night I watched a film called Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead on Netflix. And it was very inspiring to me. Fun, informal and informative. It is about this obese Australian guy, Joe, who has a skin disease, something like nettle rash or urtecaria, which apparently is very rare. To live with it he is heavily […]

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Carrot Juice

In the beginning I was kind of against juices because I thought that it was a pity to remove all the fibres in the vegetables. Also my skin reacted with small red spots on pure fruit juices, like orange juice and apple juice and my blood sugar had a tendency to become unstable. So I […]

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Visit to Lars Mikkelsen in Skævinge

2017 Sunday September 10, I visited Lars Mikkelsens Kitchen Garden in Skævinge together with 26 others including my sister. Every year in September Lars offers the possibility to see his biodynamic kitchen garden and this year was no exemption. The day started with a short meditation. Then Lars told about his interest in biodynamic gardening […]

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Redcurrant Smoothie

Redcurrant berries can be found in many old gardens in the Nordic countries. The classic use was for Redcurrant jelly. I never really liked the jelly and the berries themselves are very sour. So when I discovered this smoothie I was really surprised that the redcurrants could taste so sweet and refreshing: 1 – 2 dl fresh […]

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Beetroot cake

Everyone who tasted this beetroot cake so far have been amazed and I promised to share the recipe: One beetroot, 5 to 10 Medjoul dates, 1 to 2 dl nuts and 1 teaspoon vanilla powder. The ingredients vary depending on the size of the beetroot, for a large beetroot you need more dates and nuts […]

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Raw Choco Balls

The other day, one of my colleagues told me that he is helping his daughter with her kids, his grandchildren. He loves being a grandparent, spoiling the kids with cakes and presents, when the parents are not around. However, things recently got complicated when they found out that one of the kids had gluten allergy. I told him that […]

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Raw Food in Ystad

Mid August 2017 my son and I went to Ystad. Ystad is located in the south of Sweden, where you can catch the boat to the island, Bornholm or Swinoujscie in Poland. Looking for some raw food lunch we found two places on the internet that we wanted to check out. A little east of Ystad […]

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Juiced gazpacho

An obvious choice for a raw food soup is Gazpacho, the Spanish cold soup made on tomatoes. Many chewy and chunky versions of Gazpacho can be found on the internet with chopped vegetables as garnish. They are fine. However, I prefer this smooth version made on a vegetable juicer. In Scandinavia we can grow tomatoes, red […]

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